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makeup remover bar

hydrate, glow ,moisturize


Our Makeup remover bar is made with all natural ingredients and definitely is not a soap bar!

It is perfectly blended to gently wash away dirt, leaving your skin feeling renewed.

It’s time to check in on your face cleansing routine. Don’t you think?

This makeup remover bar removing gently and melts away even the most stubborn makeup.

It rinses off easily, leaving the skin feeling clean.

The faster you apply skincare after pat drying, the more moisture you can lock in.

We recommended applying your serum or moisturizer while your face is still slightly damp.

Makeup remover bar is made with sustainably-sourced ingredients that are gentle on the skin and won’t strip away its natural oils.

This makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin or those who want to avoid harsh cleansers.

This solid bar will last plenty of washes and comes with an aluminum container .


Gently apply the makeup remover bar on your face with some water. Create a smooth foam by massaging your face in light circular motions.

Rinse off with water & let the solid bar dry.

If you have oily skin, we recommend cleansing twice a day morning and night. If you have dry skin, you might only want to use the bar once a day as part of your evening cleansing routine.

Assuming you are using the bar daily, each bar will last approximately 2 months. To help ensure the longevity of your makeup remover keep it dry between uses.


At Ichnos soap we do NOT use :

animal products
palm oil
artificial colorants


Due to the handmade nature of our products therefore may be a slight variation to the photos .

Please note that due to personal nature of our products basically we are unable to accept return on orders .

We do not claim that our products have medicinal properties .

It is forbidden to replace any medical advice and treatments .