”Not quite dark yet
and the stars shining
above the withered fields.”

– haiku by Yosa Buson

”A lightning flash:
between the forest trees
I have seen water.”

haiku by Masaoka Shiki

”For love and for hate

I swat a fly and offer it

to an ant.”

– haiku by Masaoka Shiki

”Makes the eye happy,

the whiteness,

of the lover’s fan  ”

– haiku by Yosa Buson

”Chasing a butterfly

deep into the spring woods

i am lost.”
– haiku by Sugita Hiasajo

”Consider me
As one who loved poetry
And persimmons.”

– haiku by Masaoaka Shiki

”Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in rage
with no leaves to blow.”

– haiku by Natsume Soseki 

”The first cold shower
Even the monkey seems to want
A little coat of straw”

– haiku by Matsuo Basho

”With awe i beheld

Fresh leaves , green leaves ,

Bright in the sunlight .”

– haiku by Matsuo Basho

”On distant mountains

the shining of the sun

Oh, withered fields!”

– haiku by Kyoshi Takahama

”With clear melting dew

i’d try to wash away

the dust of this floating world  .”

– haiku by Matsuo Basho


”With the forest trees cut, 
the lake lies naked and lost
in the bare hills.”

– haiku by Richard Wright  

”People of my age –

with the passing of years

less impurities to cleanse.”

– haiKu by Natsume